Things I’ve written

Samples of reports, designs, articles, and plans I’ve written.

Framework for Virtualization Planning — I’m particularly proud of this one.  I spent several months researching best practice and standards for virtualization project planning and management.  This is the synthesis of that information applied to the unique characteristics of the Texas A&M Health Science Center.

Data Protection Plan for Banner/Luminis — This plan reflects a design to protect our Banner ERP and Luminis portal systems via Oracle Dataguard and Physical to Virtual hybrid clustering.

Communications and Security Improvements — This plan lays the groundwork for rolling out Office Communications Server, ForeFront Security Suite, and Windows Rights Management Services to enhance security and realize a significant cost savings by leveraging the Microsoft Campus Agreement.

Directory Services Enhancements — This plan outlines an improvement to Active Directory to allow better integration with ERP and future systems, and also outlines the framework for a White Pages application that would allow users to keep their own directory information up to date.

Introducing: Previous Versions — An article I wrote for our internal IT blog, “OneDegree” (which was a concept I created, incidentally) introducing users to the concepts of Previous Versions (aka Shadow Copies) and what it can do for them.

Strong Passwords Made Easy — Another OneDegree article that attempted to make strong passwords easier to digest for the average user.   The advice doesn’t quite adhere to all security best practices (particularly not using dictionary words), but it was written with the intention of moving users a little closer to those practices.


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